GHGBlaze and Billon: Advancing Commodities Emissions Footprint Traceability Through Unified Blockchain Solutions

GHGBlaze and Billon Group are thrilled to announce our partnership in the area of secure emissions data collection and traceability for commodities, emphasizing the privacy of information. With Billon' expertise in blockchain, we aim to transform the landscape of emissions data tracking for extractive commodities and make it more private, secure, accurate and comprehensive.

Amy Bowe, CEO of GHGBlaze, and Jacek Figula CCO from Billon Group, mutually recognise the significance of blockchain. It ensures top-notch data privacy, sharing, and secure storage solutions through decentralization. Together, our combined efforts ensure the integrity of emissions data collected and shared across complex, global commodity value chains.

Billon is a proud solution provider to the EBSI (pan european blockchain - European Blockchain Services Infrastructure) architecture that will enable data and document sharing across European Member States. As a contributor to the EBSI architecture, we're striving to boost document and data accessibility, focusing on pioneering a blockchain platform dedicated to environmental data.

GHGBlaze helps commodity producers and traders measure and manage emissions associated with their portfolios by leveraging blockchain to capture actual data on emissions for individual cargoes of commodity product and trace them down the value chain.

Through our alliance, we are highlighting how the potential of blockchain can address pressing global concerns:e.

✅ Scope 3 emissions accountabilitye.

✅ Lower-carbon commodity evaluationse.

✅ Carbon tax considerations, including liabilities under the EU Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism.e.

In a world that demands clarity on GHG emissions for regulatory and stakeholder reasons, we're united in our mission. Our collaborative effort provides businesses with an unparalleled view of emissions associated with energy and metals commodities, helping companies make informed decisions about where to source these essential products and thereby facilitating a more sustainable future for all.

Join us in helping to trailblaze a pathway for cleaner commodities to come to market! 🌍

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