About Us

GHGBlaze was formed in 2022 with a vision to help the world transition to a lower carbon future by transforming commodities markets. Our mission is to bring transparency to emissions associated with commodity value chains, to enable buyers to source lower emissions products and incentivise decarbonisation.


Data captured is stored on chain to create a transparent and immutable trail of data. We are open about the sources and limitations of the data. Though transactions are transparent, the system protects confidentiality through pseudonymity. Only those with access to the system can see the data shared. 


GHGBlaze’s only interest is to provide the data required for commodity producers, suppliers, traders, logistics providers and buyers to make informed choices about where to source product and how to manage their portfolio to minimise emissions while meeting demand and internal strategic and commercial objectives. The data collected can be used to calculate emissions intensity according to any number of internal and external methodologies and definitions for benchmarking and progress tracking.


Immutability of data ensures it cannot be manipulated or tampered with. Transparency allows for audit and validation of data provided.


Amy Bowe

Founder & CEO

Amy has 20 years of oil and gas industry experience, with a particular focus on emissions and climate risk identification and strategy. She has worked both in house in Corporate Strategy and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) roles, as well as with energy research and commercial advisory firms, including Wood Mackenzie, PFC Energy, and PIRA Energy.

During her time at Wood Mackenzie, Amy established the Carbon Research business and originated and launched the company’s Emissions Benchmarking Tool, the first-of-its-kind data set and interactive tool to provide forward-looking estimates of emissions associated with natural resource extraction and processing. 

Amy has a Master’s degree from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Arizona. She lives in London and enjoys far-flung travel, running, yoga and indulging in London’s cultural and food scene.

Bulama Yusuf


With 15 years of software design and engineering experience, Bulama is a seasoned professional in the industry. As a serial entrepreneur, Bulama has successfully founded and led two software development businesses. They are also recognised as an international speaker, sharing valuable insights on software architecture.

Bulama's expertise extends to leading the design, development, and evolution of multiple large-scale software projects. Their portfolio includes national pension solutions, revenue and tax solutions for state governments, national private healthcare platforms, and a fintech-related app.

In addition to his professional achievements, Bulama has actively contributed to social causes. He has volunteered as the lead for software development in The Carbon Almanac, a resource dedicated to raising awareness about climate change and encouraging action.

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