Helping commodities players measure and manage emissions with an immutable trail of value chain emissions data from source to destination

Benchmarking and emissions management

Understand how products sourced from different geographic locations or suppliers, or transported via alternative routes or modes, compare against each other in terms of emissions intensity in order to inform procurement or portfolio management decisions and meet internal emissions targets.

Use Cases

GHGBlaze leverages the power of blockchain to capture operator-provided emissions data at each stage along a cargo’s journey to market for purposes of the following

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Scope 3 emissions accounting

Gain visibility into emissions associated with purchased products, fuel- and energy-related activities, processing of sold products and upstream and downstream transportation and distribution for purposes of Scope 3 emissions calculations, disclosures and target-setting.

Green. Commodity demand

Calculate the volume of emissions that need to be offset to neutralise an individual cargo of sold product, or to determine whether a product can be classified as “green” or “low carbon.”

Carbon taxation

Compare how the emissions intensity of imported goods compares with domestically produced goods to assess the level of tax that might be applied under expanding carbon border adjustment mechanisms.

GHGBlaze brings transparency to complex value chains

Commodity players have an increasing need to understand the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with their sold and traded products for regulatory, commercial and stakeholder engagement purposes. However, the very nature of commodities makes this data difficult to obtain. Commodities are highly fungible products with complex and diverse value chains, such that a single barrel of crude oil, gallon of diesel, or tonne of LNG, steel or aluminium may have a very different emissions footprint relative to another unit of the same commodity. Moreover, corporate GHG disclosures are not consistent, standardised or granular enough to calculate emissions along an individual commodity value chain. GHGBlaze collects operator-provided emissions data for individual cargoes of product and stores them securely on blockchain, giving you full visibility into emissions associated with your portfolio.

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